Catholic Thought and Culture, n.1



Foreword to the First Issue······························ Jing Baolu ()

Editor's Preface ······································· Duan Dezhi ()


Chinese Theology


A Christian Contextual Theology for China in the 3rd Millennium······································· Hans Waldenfels ()

Catholicism and China: New Reflections on the Future of the Inculturation of Theology  ··········································· Jing Baolu ()

Beyond East and West

—— Overall Reflections on Contemporary Chinese Catholic indigenization ······································· Sun Hutang ()


Medieval Philosophy and Patrology


On the Academic Character of Scholasticism and the Cultural and the Social Backgrounds of Its Flourishing ······················· Duan Dezhi ()

A Historical Review on the Relationship between Faith and Reason in the Middle Ages ·········································· Zhai Zhihong ()

The Meaning of Dark Night in the Mystical Theology of John of the Cross  ············································· Tian Shufeng ()

Keeping Balance

——Comparison Between Theological Methods of Clement of Alexandria and Tertullian ········································ Han Xueyin ()


Religion, philosophy and society


The Problems Facing Catholicism in Today's China and Three Proposals for their Resolution ··························· He Guanghu Gao Shining ()

Christianity and New man  ························· Karl Rahner ()

God in Heidegger's thought ·························· Bernhard Welte ()

I-He Narrative and its moral Dimension as a Meta-thinking: As an Example of Endo Shusaku's Sea and Poison ··········· Zheng Yinjun ()


Catholic Church in China and The cultural exchange between East and West


Biblical Material Published by Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) in China (18821950) ·········································  Roman Malek ()

How did Chinese women religious congregation set up?

—— On the founding ,development and its contribution to Chinese society of Chinese women religious congregation ······ Kang Zhijie ()

Research on Missionary Reception of Goodness

—— From Metteo Ricci, Michele Ruggieri to Philipp Couplets Confucius Sinarum Philosophus ······················· Huang Meiting ()

The Catholic Belief of Xu Guangqi ····················Duan Chunsheng ()

Invitation to Future Contributor ·································()

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